By Devin Fehely

FREMONT (KPIX) — A brazen Thanksgiving-night robbery at a Target in Fremont left customers rattled after gunshots rang out about 20 minutes before the store closed.

“It was pretty shocking for me because I regularly visit this Target center. I find it relatively safe here. I’ve lived nearby for the past year,” said Vinit Gupta, who visited the store a few hours before the shooting and heard about the incident from a friend.

Fremont police say a security guard confronted several suspects as they left the store– concerned they’d stolen video games and other items. Investigators say that’s when the suspects’ getaway car pulled up and a passenger fired several shots into the air.

“I just don’t want nobody going in with a gun or some other weapon. I don’t think anybody wants to see that,” said Russell Quiban who arrived at the store shortly after the shooting.

Police say the suspects led officers on a brief chase before being caught a few miles away in Newark. Fremont police took five teenagers into custody — four men and one woman. The suspects, according to police, were between the ages of 17 and 19.

On Friday, few signs remained from the brazen robbery the night before but skittish customers said they’re still trying to square the violent crime with their otherwise-quiet community.

“I still feel like it’s safe because this is only one incident. I’ve been here two years and I’ve never heard about this type of incident before,” said Sandeep Khengare as he exited the store Friday.