HENRY COWELL STATE PARK (CBS SF) — The Bibl Family has endured a nightmare year and now they are suffering from another heart-wrenching loss.

Their beloved dog — Pasha — has gone missing since bolting into the woods while David and Aracelly Bibl were hiking in the wilds of Henry Cowell State Park in the South Bay.

“(We were) about a mile and a half out on the Pipeline Trail, the leash slipped off my wrist and he bolted down Pipeline,” David Bibl told KPIX 5. “We’re still hopeful, but we’re just at a loss because we don’t know what to do.”

So the couple, family friends and strangers have joined in the search, carefully hiking through the massive nature area, looking for any trace of the four-month-old Bohemian German Shepard.

Pasha is not merely a family pet, he has been a support system as the couple deals with the loss of their son — Joseph — who died suddenly from bacteria meningitis while away at college.

“I feel like we need him to survive, we need this dog,” David Bibl said. “He’s a really big part of our life at this moment. We can’t really handle
anymore loss.”

Aracelly Bibl said Pasha has been a source of comfort and inspiration the last few months.

“Living after the death of a child is very difficult and it takes a lot of work to want to move forward and to keep getting up everyday and finding joy,” she told KPIX 5. “The puppy gives us inspiration. We need him.”

Aracelly Bibl has also taken to social media to spread the word. Her Facebook post has gathered thousands of searches.

On Saturday, four search and rescue dogs joined in the hunt for Pasha. All the support has touched the Bibls deeply.

“We feel that there’s more eyes out there watching Pasha,” they said. “We’re loved.”

The family is offering a $1,000 reward for anyone who finds Pasha. They will be back at the park on Sunday. If you want to help in the search called 831-334-4330.