SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — Police chiefs in San Francisco and Green Bay, Wisconsin have agreed to a friendly wager on Sunday’s NFC championship game between the Packers and 49ers

Green Bay / SFPD Chiefs Bet on NFC Championship

Green Bay police chief Andrew Smith (left) and SFPD chief Bill Scott (right)

San Francisco Chief Bill Scott and Green Bay Chief Andrew Smith, who were partners when they worked for the Los Angeles Police Department, are hoping their city’s team wins Sunday’s game between the 49ers and Packers so they can avoid some awkwardness.

Scott said in a video released by his department that he will wear a Packers’ football jersey “reluctantly” if Green Bay wins the game and if the 49ers win, Smith must wear a 49ers’ jersey.

The loser of the wager must post a photo of himself in the winning team’s jersey on social media, according to a Facebook post by the Green Bay police.

Police in Green Bay said in their post, “It would be a little difficult to find a 49er jersey in Wisconsin, but we are confident it won’t be needed. (Need we remind them of 1997?)”, the post said.

Also, Scott will donate $50 to the Green Bay Police Foundation if the Packers go to the Super Bowl while Smith will donate $50 to the San Francisco Police Foundation if the 49ers go to the Super Bowl.

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