By Kiet Do

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX) — New travel restrictions from China took effect on Sunday as President Trump’s order to block high-risk passengers from spreading the novel coronavirus to the U.S. were enacted at the same time passengers from China were diverted to six “screening airports.”

The CDC has dispatched additional personnel to Seattle’s Sea-Tac, Chicago O’Hare, New York JFK, Atlanta, Honolulu International and SFO to question inbound passengers from China and take body temperature scans if necessary.

Shawn, who had just arrived at SFO from China, said officials asked if he had been to Wuhan or Hubei Province but did not take his temperature.

“They didn’t. I don’t know. I think they should,” said Shawn.

The latest tally shows 361 deaths, and 17,205 confirmed cases in in China alone. Santa Clara County health officials announced Sunday that a female patient who was visiting family in the Bay Area from China has become the county’s second confirmed case of coronavirus.

With the addition of two more here are now 11 confirmed U.S. cases of coronavirus.

Video released on social media show the Chinese government taking extreme measures to contain the virus, using drones to call out citizens who are outside not wearing masks and imploring them to go back home. 50 million people remain on a travel lockdown in the Hubei Province. Apple has closed all it’s stores and offices until February 9.

American, Delta, and United Airlines have all announced temporary suspensions of flights to mainland China.

Adam Lau, traveling on business from China, said he was looking forward to returning home to Hong Kong. Lau said masks and hand sanitizer back home have been scarce. He plans to limit his time in public and wash his hands often. Lau is leery of information from the Chinese government and supports the US travel ban.

“The number, how many people sick. The number is very strange. We never know what is true,” said Lau. “Some people is very selfish. They need help but they don’t want to help. They bring the sickness everywhere.”

Shawn says he will self-quarantine at an AirBnb rental in the bay area for two weeks.

“I think I should do that. Even though I don’t have…that disease, it’s kind of a protection to others,” said Shawn.