By Betty Yu

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) — A busy stretch of the Embarcadero outside Waterbar and EPIC Steak San Francisco has become a source of friction among the valet, cyclists and cars who all share the space.

Curtis Yancy rides his bike every night on his way home to Oakland and passes the restaurants on the Embarcadero. He says his journey is often interrupted by cars who cut across the bike lane to get into the white zone.

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“I got this helmet actually because a lot of times when I’m coming up from behind, they can’t see me. Like people are pulling off just to park and get their valet,” said Yancy.

Suzanne Kiihne of Berkeley said she runs into the problem at least once a week on her commute.

“They’ll block the bike lane because it’s convenient. And the problem is I then have to go into traffic, and that traffic can be very dense. It can be a bus that I cannot move into, so it can be very scary,” Kiihne said.

The issue has gotten the attention of SFMTA and the Port of San Francisco, which owns the space. SFMTA says it is working with the port to engineer improvements in the area.

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“We’ve always been open and willing to work with the port, with SFMTA, with the Bike Coalition on finding a solution that’s equitable for all the stakeholders,” said Pete Sittnick, Managing Partner of Waterbar and EPIC Steak.

Sittnick says valet staffers are constantly moving cars to keep the white zone as free as possible.

“The Embarcadero’s a busy road. There’s always traffic and I think we try to do our best to be safe neighbors,” he added.

The SFMTA, which has no voting authority over the area, says there is a proposal in the works that will be presented to the Port Commission next week.

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The San Francisco Police Department says it plans to step up police presence in this area to ensure safety for everyone that uses this road.