CONCORD (CBS SF) — An angry reaction over a missed green light led to a destructive road rage battle between two drivers in Concord that resulted in major damage to both vehicles and one driver’s arrest.

The incident began Wednesday morning about 7:20 a.m. according to a social media post from the Concord Police Department, which said officers originally responded to a call of a fight involving two men. When officers arrived they found two vehicles, a dark sedan and a white pickup truck, each with significant damage.

The officers determined the pickup driver got upset because the sedan driver didn’t go when the light turned green, and after honking at the driver both began yelling at each other, to the point where the drivers pulled over on Monument Blvd. to get out of their vehicles and continue arguing.

Police said both drivers then got back into their vehicles and drove away but the driver of the truck then threw a hammer at the moving sedan. The sedan driver then attempted to get the license plate of the pickup truck by following it but could not get close enough, and when the pickup turned onto a side street the sedan driver flung a tire iron at it, according to police.

The drivers then pulled into a parking lot to continue their confrontation and the driver of the sedan took a hammer from his car and smashed two of the trucks’ windows, police said. That prompted the pickup driver to plow into the parked sedan two times, and both parties ended up calling police at that point.

“As this case shows, there were several times when either driver could have made the choice not to engage with the other,” Concord Police said in the post. “If you’re curious about the end result of this call, here it is: Neither person made it to work that day, thousands of dollars of damage was caused to both vehicles , and the driver of the truck went to jail for an assault with a deadly weapon.’

Police also said the driver of the sedan could also be held liable for vandalism and possible assault.

No injuries were reported.

“And to think this all started because the driver of the sedan didn’t go when the light turned green,” the post said.