by John Blackstone

STOCKTON (CBS News) — At the age of 104, Major Bill White remains every inch the Marine he was in World War II. He’s seen combat but he’s never seen so many valentines.

Maj. Bill White. (CBS)

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Every day, for weeks, Valentine’s Day cards and gifts have been arriving by the truckload at The Oaks at Inglewood assisted living center in Stockton — all addressed to White. It started simply enough, when staff at The Oaks along with Maj. White’s daughter, Mary, made a small request on social media. She said they were just hoping her father would get 104 valentines.

“The last account somebody ever gave me was 140,000 different pieces,” White said.

Now almost every surface at the assisted living center is covered with valentines. They come from school children, veterans and families that know the sacrifice of service.

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“Both my father and father-in-law served in World War II,” one card says.

She and White read as many as they can. Her favorite is short but it says, “you’ve stolen the hearts of America.” Perhaps never before has Valentine’s Day brought one person more affection.

“It’s just been beyond my feeble powers of comprehension,” White said.

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