SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — Ever since Oracle Park open it’s gates at the start of the 2000 season it has been considered one of baseball’s most picturesque ball parks.

Nestled on McCovey Cove on the San Francisco Bay — named after famed Giants slugger Willie McCovey — the ball park offers visitors nearly pristine views of the San Francisco skyline, the waterfront and the Bay Bridge.

Unlike it’s predecessor — Candlestick Park — billowing clouds of fog and frigid summer winds do not buffet Oracle as the ball park is sheltered for the most part by the geography of San Francisco.

When it comes to transportation to the park, there are several quality options.

If you choose to take public transportation, you can take BART from destinations in the East Bay and the Peninsula down to San Francisco International Airport. The Cal Train terminal is just a few blocks away and carries fans by train from the Peninsula to San Jose in the South Bay.

San Francisco Muni system also has a metro stop right outside the stadium and ferry service via the San Francisco Bay Ferry will deliver you to the stadium’s docks on the Bay for easy access from Alameda and Oakland.

There are also plenty of paid public parking lots on Townsend and behind the stadium off Third Street if you choose to drive to the ball park.

As for any other questions you may have, here’s some FAQs prepared by the Giants.

Q: What can fans expect at the Oracle Park gates?

A: Fans will walk through a metal detector as their tickets are being scanned. If the device detects something on a fan, the fan will be checked with a handheld wand, and there will be further security follow up, if needed. Bags will still be checked, just as they have been for the last several years.

Q: Does this mean it’s going to take long to get through the gates before each game?

A: We’re making every effort to make sure that this security enhancement doesn’t slow down the process of getting into the game. Since we are significantly reducing the need to use handheld wands, we anticipate the metal detectors may actually help speed up the entry process for our fans.

Q: What if I don’t want to pass through the metal detector?

A: Fans who don’t wish to pass through the metal detector will have the option of entering through a separate gate where they will be checked with a handheld device. However, we think most fans will see that the walk-through metal detector is the quickest, easiest, least obtrusive and most secure method.

Q: Are the Giants restricting bag size, like the NFL?

A: No, we are not changing our bag policy. The Giants allow fans to bring paper and recycled grocery bags, fanny packs, backpacks, lunch bags, diaper bags, soft-sided containers, purses, handbags and briefcases, as long as they are not larger than 16″x16″x8″, into the park. All bags, including women’s purses, will continue to be subject to inspection and checked upon entry. Bags will not go through the metal detector.

Q: I have a medical device that sets off metal detectors. What is going to happen to me at the gate?

A: Today’s security technology has evolved to the point where certain personal effects and conditions can be accounted for and eliminated as alarm triggers. But when the need arises, fans can be subject to security follow up including screening with a handheld wand.

Q: Can I still bring a stroller through the metal detector? What about a wheelchair?

A: People with strollers and those who use wheelchairs have usually entered through a barrier-free gate. That option will still be available, but those entering the ballpark through those designated gates will still be checked with a handheld wand.

Q. What do I need to remove from my pockets before walking through the metal detector?

A. We will ask fans to remove all metal objects, including keys, coins and cell phones from their pockets before walking through a metal detector to expedite the entry process.

The stadium is also totally wired. The Giants have installed over 1,600 Wi-Fi access points at Oracle Park, creating one of the largest public wireless hotspots in the world. Free Internet access is available to any fan that brings a smart phone, laptop, tablet, or other Wi-Fi enabled mobile device to the ballpark.

In addition to Internet access, the Oracle Park Wi-Fi Network enables fans to enjoy all the features of the top selling sports app of all-time, MLB At Bat along with the official ballpark companion app, MLB Ballpark.

Access to the Wi-Fi network is free, just connect your mobile device to the “XfinityWiFi@OraclePark” SSID.