SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX) – Samuel Roth of Wisconsin, will travel to Travis Air Force Base to pick up his wife and two young daughters, ages 5 and 11 months on Tuesday, as their 14-day quarantine wraps up.

They were among the first passengers evacuated from Wuhan, China and held at the Westwind Inn on the base.

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“I mean the quarantine experience has been good. They’ve been provided plenty of food, three meals a day. They have a comfortable hotel to stay in. They’re allowed to go outside and be in the grass and in the area that’s fenced off,” said Roth via FaceTime.

Roth shared photos of his daughters enjoying story time, their toys, and sports activities. He says his family has remained healthy throughout their time on the base. The evacuees have been screened and monitored daily by medical professionals.

“My family has done everything that is necessary to remain healthy to avoid bringing the disease into the community,” said Roth. “We’ve complied with everything the government has asked us to and we just hope the community that we’re going back to accepts us and is not afraid of us.”

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More evacuees from China have been quarantined at Travis Air Force Base. They are part of group of 300 Americans evacuated by the U.S. government from the Diamond Princess cruise ship off the coast of Japan. Fourteen travelers tested positive for the virus and were taken to a hospital in Nebraska.

They were not yet showing symptoms at the time of the evacuation and were allowed to board a flight to the US.

“Carl had a fever and he’s been in this isolated tent,” said Jeri Serrati-Goldman, an evacuated cruise ship passenger.

Jeri Seratti-Goldman’s husband was one of the hospitalized patients. She’s now in quarantine in Omaha.

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“This is it for the next 14 days,” she said.