OAKLAND (CBS SF) — February has been a magnificently beautiful month for Bay Area weather, but the fact that the region didn’t get a single drop of rain the past four weeks has raised some concerns about drought.

The U.S. Drought Monitor indicated that at the first of the month, some section of California were listed as “abnormally dry.” This week, some areas are now showing sign of “moderate drought.”

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“The variability is part of living in California,” said David Briggs, the Manager of Water Operations for East Bay Municipal Water District.

It is his job to monitor water usage and supply.

“We came into the water year in good shape, which is really helping us get through this dry period. And luckily, we still have a few months left,” said Briggs.

The warm February is fooling some plants into thinking spring has arrived. Some are budding early. Flower Land Nursery Horticulturist Griff Hulsey said area residents are starting to plant early too.

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“When we see nice weather, we often see way more people. And we have been recently,” said Hulsey.

Griff cautions people to always use drought tolerant plants and also warns that there is still time for cold and wet weather ahead, despite the recent warm weather.

“That would be great, because anything from here on out will be a big help,” said Hulsey about the prospect of rain.

Experts say hot and cold and wet and dry is the new norm.

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“We are in a warm dry period right now. A month from now this all may seem like a faint memory if we’re in rain and colder weather,” said Briggs.