By Wilson Walker

SAN JOSE (KPIX) — No matter the county, Bay Area residents are living under some kind of guidelines as to whether or not they should be out among crowds. So we asked people what was on their minds as they headed out to group activities on Saturday.

“What do you want to really try to do, is live your life — be conscious of what’s going on around you and, more or less, be conscious of other people,” explained Ace Stornetta in Pleasant Hill, where opening day for Little League went on as scheduled.

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Contra Costa County did not cancel games but it did advise people to consider their health before attending.

“You can’t let it start to control your life,” Stornetta said. “That’s to the point of panic.”

In San Jose, a popular film festival that was already struggling because of the virus scare decided to postpone a full week of programming.

“Talked with the mayor of San Jose, he would like us to re-schedule the second week,” said Halfdan Hussey, CEO and co-founder of Cinequest.

“Also, we’ve seen a huge downturn in attendance, unfortunately, and are taking a big economic hit. It’ll end up being $750,000 to $1,000,000,” Hussey added.

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The Cinequest festival will run through this Sunday but the second week has been pushed to August. Organizers say it was a tough call, especially when the level of risk is something people have different opinions about.

“I think that every individual has to make that decision for themselves and, this weekend, we’re also inviting people to come here,” Hussey says. “We’ve had many people that feel zero threat.”

Across town, in the pouring rain, San Jose Earthquakes fans gathered against the advice of Santa Clara County health officials.

“There’s no rain or no virus that’s going to stop us from enjoying our soccer game!” said Layla, a devoted Quakes fan.

Like the Bay Area’s other pro sports franchises, the Earthquakes will play despite the county discouraging large gatherings. The fans who weathered the rain say they’ve heard the warnings and made their decision.

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“It’s just what we have to do right now,” Laya explained. “Be a little extra cautious, pay attention — but I really don’t think it’s any reason to be crazy and not do this and not do that and change your life, unless you are older and you have a medical problem. I totally understand that.”