SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) – With special events and celebrations canceled during the shelter-in-place order, a San Francisco bakery owner is offering a sweet option to send to those you can’t be with on their special day.

Amanda Nguyen of the bakery Butter& has found a creative way to boost sales during a tough time for small businesses, by selling beautifully decorated “quarantine cakes.”

Friends can send them to each other to enjoy, while they’re in isolation.


Nguyen said business is booming, last week was her busiest week ever.

A "Quarantine Cake" featuring the message "Don't Hoard Face Masks" created by the Butter& bakery in San Francisco. (CBS)

A “Quarantine Cake” featuring the message “Don’t Hoard Face Masks” created by the Butter& bakery in San Francisco. (CBS)

“We thought about where our customers were, because people were still having birthdays. People were still celebrating things. They just weren’t allowed to gather with the people that they love. So we developed quarantine cakes,” Nguyen told KPIX 5.

“It’s hit a lot of small businesses really hard, ours included, but people are really rallying and it’s been so heartwarming. To see the humanity and kindness people showing love to other people,” the baker went on to say.

The quarantine cakes, which cost $50 each, feature messages from the Centers for Disease Control like remembering to “Wash Your Hands.” Other messages include “Don’t Touch Your Face,” “Clean and Disinfect” and “Don’t Hoard Facemasks.”

Nguyen is now encouraging other bakers to create their own.