WINDSOR (CBS SF) — Despite reaching the milestone of his 10th birthday, Windsor resident Aiden Lower could not have been feeling much lower as he contemplated celebrating the double digit birthday cooped up alone because of the coronavirus sheltering.

Aiden Lower reacts to parade of friends and family in front of his Windsor home, March 25, 2020 (Jenny Gilmore)

But Aiden family had a big surprise planned for him Wednesday. Around lunchtime, a parade of vehicles appeared outside his house, honking their horns and blasting music to give him a birthday party on wheels.

“I put together a surprise birthday parade filled with our friends, school friends and staff, and family,” said Aiden’ mother, Jenny Gilmore. “KZST radio station started it off with a shout out to him on the radio and followed with the song, ‘Happy.’ Everyone was blasting it from the cars and honking. He was so surprised and happy!”

(Jenny Gilmore)

Aiden took it all in front the front of his home and there was both laughter and tears of joy shared among everyone.

“It brought tears to everybody,” Aiden’s grandfather Bob Gilmore told the Santa Rosa Press Democrat. “It just made his day … In these times we have to look for little things that put on a smile.”

(Jenny Gilmore)

(Jenny Gilmore)