By Joe Vazquez

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — Social distancing restrictions were still proving to be elusive at many Bay Area stores, despite attempts by shoppers and store owners.

Two Safeway stores in San Francisco observed by KPIX 5 had lines inside and outside where people appeared to be attempting to keep apart, but ended up standing closer than 6 feet away.

A Trader Joe’s market on Nob Hill proved a model for social distancing with large gaps between customers.

“I’m actually impressed,” said Ann Segal, a registered nurse in San Francisco. “I think people here do a better job of distancing than at the job I work at,” she quipped.

“They are limiting the amount of people in the store so you have more space. But at Target today I was there’s no maximum amount of people allowed inside so it was a lot more cramped there.”

KPIX5 viewer Alex Dourov shot cell phone video of a long line at the Costco in Livermore at 7:45 AM Thursday, which was a window of time exclusively for the elderly.

Going shopping is a sense of anxiety for many people during this time. Even if you keep the distance in line, people can get too close to you inside the store.

“The aisles are only so big and if you have multiple people that need to get down the same aisle, there’s only so much you can do,” said Cody Staubitz of San Francisco.

Thursday, the city of San Francisco issued guidelines for how businesses deemed essential like supermarkets, hardware stores and even cannabis outlets should conduct themselves during this pandemic, such as: establishing protocols to keep customers at least six feet apart; Limiting the number of people inside, placing signage outside to remind people to keep their distance; and making cleaning supplies such as hand sanitizer and soap readily available to employees.

“You have some of these grocery stores where it’s pandemonium in there and people are all over each other. That completely defeats the purpose of the social distancing,” said San Francisco Supervisor Matt Haney.

“What I’m hearing is the next two weeks are going to be really crucial for us,” Haney continued. “And right now is when we really need people to follow those rules. I know it’s hard. And if you’re going out as an individual, say something to the business owner and yourself, make sure that you do whatever you can to keep the distance.”