SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — The United Educators of San Francisco (UESF) and a city supervisor are asking residents to show loud support for all workers on the frontline of the coronavirus pandemic with a nightly applause around the city.

The movement, titled #GetLoudForOurHeroes on social media, is planned to begin Monday evening at 7 p.m. Appropriate locations include residents’ porches, balconies, roofs, terraces front yards and windows.

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UESF, which represents over 6,000 San Francisco Unified School District employees, put the call into action to show appreciation for the healthcare workers tackling COVID-19 every day. UESF is partnering with Supervisor Matt Haney to spread the word about the movement.

“It’s a simple and beautiful idea that other cities around the world continue to do every night,” said UESF president Susan Solomon. Solomon says the idea behind nightly applause is to make any kind of noise for two minutes in an effort to connect with the community and “salute the work of our frontline workers.”

Other cities around the world have started similar gestures of appreciation. In New York, they call it #ClapBecauseWeCare and in the United Kingdom, it’s called #ClapForOurCarers.

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“This is a way for all of us to determine solidarity and gratitude for all the workers who are putting their health at risk, who are protecting all of us and keeping essential good and services operating during this crisis,” Haney said.

During the outbreak, Haney has been advocating for more personal protective equipment, higher pay, more sick leave and more testing for healthcare workers.

“Our essential frontline workers need protective equipment, higher pay, and benefits, and they also should know how much we appreciate them. If you are an essential employee going out there every day during this crisis to serve our community, we hope you’ll be able to hear your neighbors making noise and know we appreciate you,” said Haney.

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