PACIFIC GROVE (KION) — The COVID-19 treatment center set up at Asilomar is wrapping up operations as of Sunday, according to the City of Pacific Grove.

An email from the city on Sunday writes that they were notified by CalOES that the care site is “currently in the demobilization process and the CalOES operation has concluded,” a story posted on the website of CBS affiliated station KION reported.

Crews will be removing fencing and logistic items from the site Monday through Wednesday, officials said.


Quarantined passengers from the Grand Princess cruise ship have been at Asilomar for the last couple weeks, including people confirmed to be positive with COVID-19. CalOES told KION on March 24 that most of the passengers have already been sent home from the facility.

CalOES had earlier stated that there has been no final decision on if Asilomar will be a site used to house future COVID-19 positive patients. In Sunday’s email, the city noted, “If circumstances change, the potential to re-open at a later date will remain a possibility.”

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Last week, the California National Guard told KION that they are at Asilomar Hotel & Conference Grounds to help care for patients who have tested positive for COVID-19.

That was the first time it was confirmed by officials that the Pacific Grove location was housing COVID-19 positive patients from the Grand Princess.

“Some of those [passengers] needed to have medical monitoring because they tested positive and could not remain on the DOD installation and needed a place to stay. So, one of the places the state put them was Asilomar, so they needed additional medical assistance and that is one of the things the California National guard Provided,” said Colonel Daniel Markert.

National Guard officials said some of these patients are elderly, a group considered more vulnerable to COVID-19. The California National Guard was monitoring them and checking vitals twice a day.