PLEASANTON (KPIX 5) — The virus itself isn’t the only health concern people are facing during the pandemic. Many are finding it a lot more difficult to keep up healthy eating habits in quarantine.

KPIX 5 talked to some shoppers about what was in their grocery carts.

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“Basically just fruits and vegetables and chips and salsa because you need to snack,” said one shopper with a laugh.

Some say they’ve gained the COVID 19, as in pounds. Others said they have made it a point to cook more and eat healthier.

One shopper gave her menu as “chicken, lots of salad and vegetables.”

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But for the stress eater, sheltering in place and working from home could mean reaching for snacks that are all too easy to get to.

Lane Dailey, a registered dietitian working at home with three kids, says that kind of eating can lead to trouble.

“The problem with snacking is your body is really never in rest mode,” explained Dailey. “You need to have your body digest. So if you’re grazing all day, your body never gets to digest in between meals. Try to eat enough so you aren’t hungry again for at least four hours.” 

Dailey said there are ways to cut out the salt and sugar cravings with solid meals. 

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“When you’re hungry, you’re going into stress mode and then you have cravings. So keep that hunger away by eating nice full meals with fiber and protein,” said Dailey. “So with a salad, you want to add nuts or beans or cheese or something to make it more of a meal.”

Juliette Goodrich