SAN FRANCISCO INTERNATIONAL (KPIX/CBS SF) – San Francisco International Airport looks like ghost town these days as travelers stay home due to the coronavirus stay at home orders.


According to airport officials, there has been a 97 percent decrease in travel.

At SFO, security guards still roam the hall, insuring safety, and maintenance workers still keep the place clean.

“It’s more than surreal, it’s eerie … You could walk down long stretches without seeing anybody,” said plant maintenance worker Morris Jackson.

Escalators have been shut down and many elevators are turned off. Rows and rows of terminals sit dark.

Only seven international arrivals were scheduled on Tuesday.

Francisis Sangga said he saw a flight arrive from his information kiosk.


“United Ailrines Fifty passengers arrived in that airline. Five Zero!”

No one was at the baggage claim, and outside, the parking structure was equally spooky, with empty spaces as far as one could see.

And as of Wednesday, SFO is reminding anyone who does come to the airport, face coverings are required at all times.