SAN JOSE (KPIX 5) — Parts of the South Bay slowly started coming back to life Monday with the easing of restrictions on some businesses and outdoor activities, though social distancing protocols remain in effect.

Tennis is one of the activities that is now allowed. But like anything in this pandemic, it is not going to be quick or easy.

Mid-morning in San Jose, the tennis courts on Cherry Avenue and Seven Trees were both still locked. It seemed local agencies are still struggling to keep up with the rapid changes in the lockdown.

But that didn’t stop local resident Amy Dang and her son Ethan from getting in a game. With the gates still chained up, they just played on the adjacent basketball court.

When asked if it was weird to play tennis on a basketball court, Dang replied, “Yeah, but my kid, he loves it. And he keeps begging us to go out and play.”

Construction workers could be seen at a job site on Santa Clara Street across from City Hall, while landscapers were visible hard at work around downtown San Jose.

All construction, both commercial and residential, can now resume, as can landscape maintenance.

Parents will be able to drop their children off at child care centers handling groups of 12 kids or less.

Florists and nurseries are reopening and real estate agents will be allowed to show owner-occupied homes.

As far as outdoor activities, tennis and golf have been added to the list of sports being allowed since they don’t involve physical contact and are suited for social distancing.

It is not all going quickly however.

For example, the Los Lagos Golf Course in San Jose is waiting for further guidance on new procedures and aims to open on Wednesday.

Chelsea Knoblauch with Starbucks told KPIX 5 every store in her district on the Peninsula that can, will open Monday, including the coffee shop on El Camino and 17th in San Mateo.

Starbucks is not allowing customers inside and is allowing pickup orders only.

“I’m hoping there’s some light at the tunnel. We’re still trying to keep it safe,” said Knoblauch. “I’m seeing slow progression in things getting back to normal or at least the normal that we know for now.”

The San Mateo County Parks Department will be reopening trails in 13 parks Monday after being closed since March 27th.

Visitors will be required to hike single file, abide social distance guidelines and carry face coverings.

Some trails will stay closed to bikes and dogs must be on leash where dog walking is allowed.