SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX) – After months of sheltering in place, the Memorial Day crowds at Ocean Beach were as thick as the ones in Orange County that earned a tongue-lashing and shutdown from Governor Gavin Newsom.

While the sand is vast and wide, and it appeared social distancing was being somewhat maintained, folks who parked illegally in lots, or on the Great Highway, returned from the beach to find tickets from San Francisco police on their cars.

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The situation warranted a response from the San Francisco Emergency Operations Center:

“San Francisco has made great progress against the coronavirus, due to our aggressive and early action, and the participation of all San Franciscans who have stayed home, washed their hands, practiced social distancing and covered their faces when outside the home. We understand that people want to enjoy the great water and spend time with friends and family. However, the fact remains that the Stay Home Order is still in effect, and the virus continues to circulate in our community. As a city, let’s stay smart and continue to protect loved ones and neighbors vulnerable to this virus. Together, we can safely re-open San Francisco.”

Inside Golden Gate Park, visitors took full advantage of the slow streets program, and spread out, some exercising, some merely strolling across the car-free concrete.

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On Marina Green, daily walker Ron Minolli says he was impressed with distancing efforts.

“I already walked around it twice and it looks like everybody is pretty much observing the six feet distance in their groups – so that’s pretty cool,” said Minolli.

While six feet of space between people was somewhat easy to find, masks were a bit more difficult.

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“The least we can do to protect ourselves,” said Al Urb. “Wearing a mask is not too difficult. I think it helps, I think it works. If you’re gonna be out here, you’re going to be amongst people, I think a mask will help you out, absolutely.”