SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — The tsunami of news about the current coronavirus outbreak and now the reopenings can be overwhelming. To help you navigate through what you need to know — 5 News/CBSN Bay Area — will be publishing a news roundup each morning of the top coronavirus and reopening-related stories so you can start your day with the latest updated developments.

Santa Clara County Health Officials Monitor ‘Worrisome’ New COVID-19 Cases
SANTA CLARA — As they have begun rolling back tough COVID-19 restrictions, Santa Clara health officials say they are carefully monitoring a ‘worrisome’ number of new cases within the county. Their warning came on a day when the state Department of Public Health recorded more than 5,000 new cases, putting the total number of positive cases at more than 183,000. The state has seen more than 5,500 deaths related to COVID-19. The record-setting numbers and warnings come as more businesses reopen statewide, spurred by antsy residents weary over stay-at-home and social distancing orders. San Francisco, which was part of the Bay Area’s strict order in mid-March, plans to allow outdoor bars, nail and hair salons and tattoo shops to open next week. Read More

Majority Of CoCo County Residents Testing Positive For COVID-19 Under 50
MARTINEZ — As more Contra Costa County residents are being tested for the coronavirus, it has become clearer that an increasing proportion of those who test positive are young, between 20 and 50 years old, county health officials said Tuesday. Also those officials warned that cases are rising among all groups. “We’re seeing a rise in all indicators, regionally and in the Bay Area,” said Anna Roth, director of Contra Costa County Health Services. That fact, she said, makes it important for county residents to remember there is still a serious pandemic going on. Read More

Peninsula Lawmaker Urges Newsom To Enforce Mandatory Mask Order With Fines
SAN MATEO — San Mateo County Supervisor David Canepa sent a letter to California Governor Gavin Newsom Tuesday, urging him to enforce the mandatory health order requiring people to wear masks in public with fines. “What we asked the governor to do on a statewide level – and maybe what he could do on a pilot basis with San Mateo County – is to give us the authority to have the ability to fine people,” Canepa said. Canepa proposes a warning for the first offense. The second offense would be a $100 fine, and the third offense would be a $500 fine. Canepa suggested it would not be police, but community service officers who would enforce the fines. He said he is worried the economic recovery from the COVID-19 shutdown could relapse if enough people don’t wear masks. Read More

Institutional Racism Widely Seen As Contributing To Coronavirus Infections Among Blacks
OAKLAND — The African-American community is taking a huge hit from COVID-19 and a testing event at an East Oakland church on Tuesday was shedding light on the way institutional racism is helping to spread the coronavirus. At Acts Full Gospel Church, hundreds of cars snaked through the parking lot, out into the street and down the block. They came there for an antibody test to find out if they’ve been touched by the coronavirus. But they wanted the test to come from a trusted source. “I think they felt, you know, this is honesty,” said East Oakland resident Ella Barcelo. “They felt, yeah, let’s go out there and get it done.” “Trust is a major factor because we already know from history that black people have been used for guinea pigs for a lot of things,” said church pastor Bob Jackson. Read More

MLB Opening Day Set For July 24; Players Agree To Return To ‘Spring’ Training July 1
SAN FRANCISCO — After months of heated negotiations a timeline has emerged for the return of baseball during the coronavirus pandemic. On Tuesday, the Major League Baseball Players Association (MLBPA) told the league the players will comply with the league’s proposed timeline for the 2020 season with 60 games in 66 days. The players agreed to return for Spring training on July 1 in their home cities, giving them a little more than 3 weeks before Opening Day, slated to happen around July 24. Both sides are still negotiating health and safety protocols, but sources have told KPIX it is not expected to be a stumbling block. Read More

San Quentin COVID-19 Outbreak Grows To 450 Total Cases
SAN QUENTIN — An outbreak of coronavirus among staff and inmates at San Quentin grew to 450 confirmed active cases Tuesday, state prison officials said. A total of 407 inmates have contracted the virus as of Tuesday afternoon, according to the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation COVID-19 website. That number represents more than ten percent of the total prison population at San Quentin. 3,800 inmate cases of coronavirus in the California penal system have been confirmed. As of Tuesday, 43 staff members have tested positive for COVID-19 at San Quentin with six staff member having already recovered and returned to work. A total of 346 prison workers in the California Correctional system have contracted the virus. Read More

Tesla Still Wants In-Person Annual Shareholders Meeting
FREMONT — Most companies are being careful during the pandemic, holding virtual annual meetings among other safety measures. But that won’t do for Elon Musk, a vocal critic of Covid-19 safety measures. Musk went on an obscenity-laced rant against stay-at-home orders during a quarterly conference call with investors in April, calling such measures “fascist” and un-American. In May, he reopened Tesla’s Fremont plant despite restrictions by county health officials, filing a federal lawsuit and threatening to move his company’s headquarters out of state. And while almost every major company has shifted to virtual annual shareholder meetings in recent months, Tesla insists it will hold its own gathering the old fashioned way, in a room filled with investors, Tesla executives and board members. Read More

Golden Gate Bridge Toll Hikes, Higher Transit Fares To Proceed Amid Pandemic
SAN FRANCISCO — Amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, higher tolls at the Golden Gate Bridge, along with higher transit fares, are still slated to go into effect next month. Starting July 1st, the FasTrak toll for two-axle vehicles and motorcycles will increase from $7.35 to $7.70, the pay-as-you go rate will increase from $8.20 to $8.40 and the toll invoice rate will increase from $8.35 to $8.70. Meanwhile, the FasTrak carpool rate is going up from $5.35 to $5.70. The upcoming toll increase was approved by the Golden Gate Bridge Highway and Transportation District back in 2019. Tolls are slated to increase every year through 2023, as part of a five-year plan. FasTrak tolls would increase to $8.75, Pay-As-You-Go to $9 and invoice billing to $9.75 over that span. Read More

BART Sending Extra Commute Trains To Pittsburg/Bay Point
PITTSBURG — In response to recent rising ridership numbers as COVID-19 restrictions ease, BART on Monday began sending three extra commute trains to Pittsburg/Bay Point after previously turning them around at Pleasant Hill. On June 8, BART added the three trains running from Pleasant Hill to Daly City starting at 6:16 a.m., 6:46 a.m. and 7:16 a.m. on weekdays to have trains running on its Yellow Line every 15 minutes during the morning commute, then three trains from Daly City to Pleasant Hill for the afternoon commute. Starting Monday, the three morning trains started at Pittsburg/Bay Point at 6:01 a.m., 6:31 a.m. and 7:01 a.m., and the three afternoon trains went from Daly City to Pittsburg/Bay Point. Read More

Reopening: Golden Gate Bridge South End Parking Lots Open On Weekdays
SAN FRANCISCO — Parking lots on the south end of the Golden Gate Bridge have reopened on weekdays after previously closing as a result of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, bridge officials said Monday. The lots on the San Francisco side of the bridge had been closed seven days a week following a regional shelter-in-place order issued by county health officers to try to limit the spread of the virus. As of Monday, those lots are reopening on weekdays but will remain shut down on weekends and holidays, according to the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District. The bridge district has placed signs around entrances to the bridge to encourage social distancing and the use of face coverings if people are out in public. Read More