PACIFICA (CBS SF) — A mountain lion captured last month near Oracle Park in San Francisco, treated at the Oakland Zoo, and then released in San Mateo County was hit by a car and killed Friday morning along Highway 1, authorities said.

The mountain lion was found about 7:30 a.m. on the shoulder of northbound lanes near the Skyline Boulevard off-ramp, according to the
California Highway Patrol. The vehicle that hit the animal apparently didn’t stop.

The mountain lion had a tracker and the state Department of Fish and Wildlife said the tracker confirmed it was the same wayward mountain lion that had been released in a Peninsula wilderness preserve on June 18th.

Captured SF mountain lion examination (Oakland Zoo)

Prior to its untimely death Friday, the mountain lion was believed to have been the culprit in the deaths of three marsupials at the San Francisco Zoo shortly after its release. Two wallaroos and a red kangaroo were found dead in their outdoor exhibit and the findings suggest a local wild carnivore was responsible.

Mountain lion spotted in San Francisco's Mission Bay neighborhood before its capture on June 18, 2020. (CBS)

Mountain lion spotted in San Francisco’s Mission Bay neighborhood before its capture on June 18, 2020. (CBS)

Fish and Wildlife says between 75 and 100 mountain lions are killed by cars each year in California.

A University of California, Davis study shows the COVID-19 pandemic has led to significantly fewer mountain lions becoming roadkill, with 58 percent fewer lions were killed in the 10 weeks after shelter-in-place went into effect compared to the preceding 10 weeks.