CONCORD (KPIX) — After a very busy Friday night, Contra Costa Fire Protection District is bracing for a hectic Fourth of July.

“Yesterday we had 13 different fires — three of which we know were caused by fireworks,” explained Capt. Tracie Dutter with Contra Costa Fire. “So we had a pretty busy evening.”

The evening was busy — even with extra staff on duty in anticipation of trouble. Like much of the Bay Area this county has seen an explosion of illegal fireworks in recent weeks.

“Loud, every night,” said Luis Arroyo. “It’s just been a lot of fireworks.”

With a sweeping hillside panorama from his Pittsburg home, Arroyo can see the show every year.

“Compared to over 20 years, this is the worst I’ve ever seen,” he says.

All fireworks are illegal in Contra Costa County but there is no easy way to keep them out.

“You can get it in other states,” Dutter said. “You can get it in Mexico. So it’s hard to say exactly where it’s coming from.”

Saturday night, fire officials are preparing for another round of pyrotechnics.

“We are expecting another busy night,” Dutter said. “We will have two task forces out tonight. We are setting up our mobile command unit so we are up-staffing in preparation.”