OAKLAND (KPIX) – Warriors team captain Steph Curry has rallied Dub Nation to help a Super Fan keep at risk of losing his iconic home.

Warriors House (CBS)

Lloyd Canamore is such a huge Warriors fan, he calls himself ‘The Warrior Man,’ and even painted his West Oakland home the team colors of blue and yellow. Warriors flags, banners and posters are all over the place.

Curry once shot a music video outside the unique home known to many as simply, “The Warriors House.”

Canamore lives there on a fixed income. He lost his mom last year and fell onto financial hard times.

When Curry heard the bank was about to foreclose on the house if Canamore couldn’t come up with $350,000, Curry decided to do an ‘assist’ and started a GoFundMe page and did a shout out on his Instagram story.

As of Friday evening, the page has raised more than $200,000 — an excellent ‘assist.’

“We’re getting up there,” says Canamore. “That’s so great! Thank the Lord, Jesus Christ.”

Canamore has lived in the Warriors House since he was a child. It has been in his family for 50 years.