DANVILLE (KPIX 5) — Newly-reopened businesses in Contra Costa County have shut down again, leaving workers struggling to make ends meet, and forcing some hairstylists to take their business underground.

Donald Kolinski has turned his backyard into a barbershop. “So now I’m cutting friends hair in the backyard making no money,” said Kolinski.

His Danville salon was shut down Wednesday in the Contra Costa County rollback. But Kolinski says he is taking matters into his own hands, literally. But he says cutting his friends’ hair won’t pay the bills.

“You’re not making any money on $2,000 unemployment,” said Kolinski. “It doesn’t pay the mortgage. We’re going to go have to go underground.”

His wife, Vicky, is also a hairstylist. Financial worries are now hanging over their heads.

“We almost wish they would just have us stay out longer and then open more permanently for everybody,” said Vicki Kolinski.

“So many of us can lose our businesses over this,” said Donna Bruner, who we first spoke with when the lights were on in her salon. Wednesday, no one was home and most everyone will be knocking on the unemployment door once again.

“It’s tough on unemployment you only get a couple bucks for it I don’t know what to say it’s been really difficult for all of us,” said Donald Kolinski.

He also pointed to the outdoor dining and said, “Everyone’s masks are off and nobody’s following the rules. We are the safest ones. I’ve been doing hair in Danville for 26 years and it’s, like, ‘Come on let us just do our job.'”

Salons who defy the county’s health order could face sanctions from fines, citations and even the loss of their licenses.

Juliette Goodrich