(CBS Local)– Author Stephen Graham Jones has been writing books for a long time and his new novel from Simon & Schuster called “The Only Good Indians” is getting a ton of buzz.

The book blends horror and drama as readers follow four American Indian men as they deal with a disturbing event from their youth that puts them in a desperate struggle for their lives. The author enjoyed writing this book because it was a little bit different than what he’s written in the past.

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Photo Credit: Gary Isaacs

“What made this book different is that it came in three parts,” said Jones in an interview with CBS Local’s DJ Sixsmith. “This one goes through in three hitches like a triple jumper. The biggest challenge was getting all of the hunting stuff right. I can fake it on cars and fake it on people, but I have to get it right for the hunters.”

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While many admire the work Jones has produced over the years, he is most fond of writers like Louise Erdich, Philip K. Dick and Kurt Vonnegut. These authors made a major impact on Jones and millions of others and the author carries a similar responsibility in terms of telling the stories of Indigenous people.

“I felt weird that this book came out one day after the Washington Redskins said they were going to change their name,” sad Jones. “I’m thrilled about that of course, I was always quite insulted by that. The world is changing right now. I think the whole world is being swept ahead with change and my book is a part of the world being swept ahead. It feels like a step forward. There’s still a lot of steps to go. I want to show the world the American Indians that they don’t expect. They expect us to be like it was in the 19th century wearing loin clothes. It’s not like that anymore, we’re not locked in a John Wayne movie. We’re moving ahead and that’a big part of what ‘The Only Good Indians’ is all about.”

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“The Only Good Indians” is available now wherever books are sold.