SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) – Frustrated owners of some San Francisco gyms have launched a social media campaign to stay afloat and get back to work.

On Thursday, dozens of gyms and fitness studios around the city put up posts on social media telling people how they can help save the city’s small, independent gyms. The steps: wearing a mask, booking outdoor workouts with gyms offering them, and raising awareness that gyms are suffering.

“We are asking all of them to go online today and shout, be our voice because right now we are not being heard by the city,” said Dave Karraker, co-owner of MX3 Fitness. “The city doesn’t hear that we are all about to go out of business – something needs to be done.”

An outdoor workout at MX3 Fitness in San Francisco. (CBS)

An outdoor workout at MX3 Fitness in San Francisco. (CBS)

The San Francisco Independent Fitness Studio Coalition is demanding that the city classifies fitness as an essential service.

The group also wants fitness businesses to be treated the same as physical therapists, who are allowed to operate, along with scientific data explaining why their sector. Previously, the coalition asked city officials for scientific evidence explaining why other sectors such as non-essential retail were allowed to reopen.