NAPA COUNTY (CBS SF) — The Napa County Sheriff’s Department announced on Friday the arrest of three men the night before for possessing a cache of machine guns and silencers.

(Napa County Sheriff's Office)

Stephen Brumley, Ernest Clark Davis and Joseph Pete Perez (Napa County Sheriff’s Office)

Deputies arrested Vacaville resident Shawn Stephen Brumley, 32, and Napa residents Ernest Clark Davis, 34, and Joseph Pete Perez, 21, after dispatchers received reports of gunshots coming from a car driving on Atlas Peak Road in Napa around 8:40 p.m. Thursday.

Responding deputies located the vehicle shortly after and located two AR-15s inside the vehicle. One of the rifles was resting between the legs of Davis, who was sitting in the car’s front passenger seat. The second rifle and three high capacity magazines were found in the backseat.

A search warrant led to the recovery of six more AR-15s, four of which had been illegally converted to be fully-automatic rifles.

Cache of illegal weapons discovered in Napa County (Napa County Sheriff’s Office)

As of Friday, Brumley and Davis were in custody at Napa County Jail, with Davis’s bail set at $50,000 and Brumley’s at $25,000. All three face multiple felony charges, including possession of machine guns, possession of silencers and discharging firearms in a negligent manner. The possession of machine guns carries a maximum sentence of eight years in California.