SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) — Honey bees worldwide are in trouble, but now there’s a scotch distillery that is helping save them.

The Gardening Giveback Project is a collaboration between Aberfeldy Scotch Distillery and the Bee Informed Partnership (BIP), to bring together beekeepers and bartenders in San Francisco and other major cities. Bartenders will visit local apiaries to plant and maintain community garden bee sanctuaries, growing flowers, herbs, fruits and vegetables in a dual purpose: to support the bees and cultivate ingredients for use in their bars.

Have a cocktail, save a bee, well sort of. Aberfeldy Single Malts Ambassador Drew Record says the honey goes well with scotch.

“Honey is an option, right?”, said Record. “You know, they’re all going to change the flavor of what you’re doing, cocktail-wise.”

Aside from local honey, Aberfeldy also suggests adding herbs to the cocktail, herbs that bees like, such as cilantro, tarragon and dill. The idea is that local bars buy more herbs that bees like, encouraging more folks to grow these herbs and purchase local honey, which ultimately is beneficial for bee colonies.

Local beekeeper Lon Ramlan says the idea of combining forces with local bartenders is a good idea, especially if it’s his bees. “Aberfeldy has donated $10,000 to the Pollinators Coalition,” said Ramlan.

That money will help sustain beehives throughout the region, Ramlan added, helping promote bee awareness. He also noted his honey is especially good with Scotch.

“We now have Scotch, we have herbs, we have honey,” said Record. [What does that taste like??] “Tastes like Scotch herbs and honey!”

There’s even talk of putting lemon juice in your scotch! That’ll be the day.

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