SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — San Francisco health officials have launched an online dashboard that allows parents at a glance to see updated reopening information on their child’s school.

The new dashboard will be updated daily at 9 a.m. with real-time information such as which schools have applied for reopening, and whether
they’ve been approved.

The website contains an easy to use map so at a click the status of your child’s school will be shown.

Some private and charter schools in San Francisco were being allowed to reopen for in-person instruction this week via a waiver
application process.

Click To Access Dashboard To Check On Your Child’s School In San Francisco

Although the San Francisco Unified School District has said in-person instruction likely won’t happen this semester, more than 80
parochial, private and charter schools have requested a waiver application, and 40 have already submitted their applications. The waiver process involves schools submitting a COVID-19 safety plan to city health officials.

Approvals for elementary schools are being done on a rolling basis. Then next month, some middle schools may also be allowed to reopen
through the waiver process, and high schools are expected to follow sometime in November.

“We are making sure that schools can reopen for in-person learning with strong safety guidelines,” Dr. Grant Colfax said in a statement. “The standards and safety plans that schools implement will help mitigate risk for students and staff returning to in-person learning environments.”

Colfax said last week that city health officials were already starting to inspect schools set to reopen, checking for things like classroom structure and ventilation systems.