OAKLAND (KPIX) — After the disappearance of dozens campaign placards, a candidate running for re-election for Oakland City Council is crying foul. Councilwoman Lynette McElhaney says someone is stealing her signs and turning this campaign into dirty politics.

Five challengers are hope to unseat the District 3 city council member who is running for her third term.

She says she just wants everyone to play fair.

It is the 15 day countdown and McElhaney said , “This is a very intense week. “

McElhaney says stealing signs shouldn’t be a sign on the times.

One hundred signs stolen from streets and private yards. McElheney calls it a slap in the face of democracy,

“One non-Supporter reached out to me with the photos and talked about how distressing it was to watch someone blatantly remove over 20 signs that they said they had seen in the middle of the day” she said.

McElhaney took to her social media page posting the photos of the sign swipers. She says it’s her way of public shaming.

“I’ve never heard of anybody doing these kind of shenanigans I certainly haven’t and my support is not engaged in this,” said McElhaney.

Mercedes Rodriguez is in charge of her neighborhood watch program and has McElhaneys signs in her yard.

“They should know that they’re being watched and they’re being recorded and they should also know we give this video footage to the Oakland Police Department,” said Rodriguez.

On Monday, McElhaney was walking around her district with other supporters and talking to residents .

She cautioned, “We don’t want this to become more aggressive which is the reason I’m calling it out right now.”

Juliette Goodrich