SAN CARLOS (CBS SF) — Anthony Li faithfully has played the same numbers in every SuperLotto drawing over the last two years. He says the numbers have a special meaning to him.

They also have forever changed his future.

“I checked my ticket on the California Lottery app, and I thought, ‘There must be something wrong, it says I won the jackpot,” Li told state lottery officials.

But moments later, he was swept up in an emotional whirlwind as it sunk in that he was a $20 million winner. When he told his wife, she simply told him to “calm down.”

The couple put the winning ticket in a plastic baggy and planned to hide it until they could come into the state lottery office to claim their win. But Li simply couldn’t keep his joy in check.

When some family came over for dinner that night, he shared the news. He simply could not stop giggling.

Li purchased his tickets at SDT Holly Shell, located 500 El Camino Real in San Carlos. The retailer will receive a $100,000 bonus for selling the winning ticket.

When asked his secret, he said he always plays — 18, 26, 1, 22, 27 and Mega number 12 — a combination of dates special to him.

As to how he plans to use his new found fortune — Li say he plan to buy a house, pay off their cars, and start college funds for his children’s future.