MONTEREY (CBS SF) — Health Department officials were alerting residents Saturday about wolf hybrids that may be roaming in the San Benancio and Coral de Tierra areas of Monterey County.

On Friday at 9:30 a.m., Animal Services was notified of three dogs that were running loose in the Lucie Lane area of San Benancio. Officials said the dogs that were seen are wolf hybrids that were recently relocated to the area.

Officials said the animals are not familiar with the area and are not socialized, so there is the potential for aggressive behavior and they could pose a threat to the community.

Anyone who sees these animals is asked not to try and approach or catch the animals.

Officials were also recommending that small animals, birds and livestock be safely confined until the wolf hybrids are contained. The wolf hybrids are a cross between a domestic dog and a wolf.

They are very wolflike in appearance, two are dark colored and one is white. All three animals are about 8 months old.

Anyone who sees the animals is asked to contact Animal Control at (831) 769-8856.