SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — The CDC urged people to not travel on Thanksgiving and now that warning has been extended into December as many contemplate what to do for Christmas.

Some say they have ruled out holiday travel when at all possible but many feel it’s been hard to keep up with the guidelines that seem to change daily.

Doug Mackenzie grew up on Alameda’s Christmas Tree Lane and now he’s carrying on the family tradition with his wife Tia.

“Some people are not decorating as much but we want to decorate more we want to bring some happiness,” Tia said.

The Mackenzie family has been closely following the local and federal guidelines and haven’t left Alameda County since the pandemic began.

“We miss going on vacation, we miss seeing family but what are we supposed to do? Ya, what do we do?” Tia said.

Across the street, Maddie and Hannah Kuhns were also getting ready for the crowds expected this year.

“It’s a little bit different this year but I’m kind of excited to see people socially distanced walking past,” Maddie said.

To be able to enjoy this holiday as a family, Hannah Kuhns had to fly home from William and Mary College in Virginia.

“On the flight, people were wearing their masks down here (under their nose) and at the airport especially,” Maddie said. “People are not really good about wearing their mask. So I’m a little nervous.”

Hannah is especially concerned about the flight back to the east coast. Unsure how long she will have to quarantine, as CDC Director Robert Redfield issues an alarming warning for this holiday season.

“The reality is December, January and February are going to be rough time,” Redfield said. “I actually believe they will be the most difficult time of public health in this nation.”

To add to the confusion, while the CDC cut it’s recommended quarantine period for 2 weeks to just one, in some cases, Alameda County has not. CDC says follow your the guidance from your local health department.