By Andrea Nakano

PLEASANTON (KPIX) — The stay-home order imposed by five Bay Area counties means a tough year for many local businesses is going to get even tougher.

Outdoor dining will no longer be allowed which means all of the time and money restaurants spent creating outdoor dining areas will go to waste just when they were banking on holiday dollars to pour in.

It was a busy Friday night in downtown Pleasanton but it may not last much longer.

“It’s really a shock,” said Esteban Blancas with Nonni’s Bistro. Blancas says he will now have to lay off several of his employees.

“I cannot explain it. It’s sad, it’s frustrating. It’s a little of everything,” he said.

Gov. Newson announced the new stay-at-home order Thursday which goes into effect when any a region falls below 15 percent of hospital ICU capacity. Many people KPIX interviewed in Pleasanton were surprised Bay Area counties announced they would impose the shutdown early.

“I understand the rationale behind it but I feel like we had the rug pulled out from under us a little bit,” said Shellie Sexton, who lives in Pleasanton.

Sexton said she came downtown Friday evening to show support for local businesses. Many diners sympathize with the restaurants’ plight as they are continually forced to play under new rules.

Restaurant owners hope their customers will continue to support them during the stay-at-home order so they won’t be forced to close their doors for good.

“Hopefully we will survive. Do you have faith that will happen? I hope so. We have families,” Blancas said.

In Alameda County, the restrictions will go into effect on Monday and will remain in place until January 4.