SAN CARLOS (CBS SF) — San Mateo County officials have announced that, while they appreciates the stay-at-home measures taken by other Bay Area counties, it is following the state’s plan to institute a shutdown after ICU bed availability drops under 15%.

Many Peninsula small business owners told KPIX 5 they’re relieved.

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Town restaurant in San Carlos was buzzing with activity Sunday evening. Tables on both sides of Laurel Street were full.

Avenir Restaurant Group Owner Greg St. Claire is grateful for each night it can stay open.

“Just for my small company, every extra week that we have means $400,000 in sales, which translates to almost a quarter million dollars in labor and tips for our employees,” said St. Claire. “And at this time of year, it’s just critical.”

He said Town follows strict safety protocols to keep diners safe.

St. Claire agrees with the San Mateo County health officer’s decision to stay open, instead of shutting down early like other Bay Area counties.

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County supervisor David Canepa disagrees with the decision. He thinks the time to shutdown is now.

“We got to shelter in place. And as much as this troubles me, as much as this affects small businesses — it breaks my heart — but right now we have to focus on our community’s health,” he said.

Currently, 84% of the county’s ICU beds are in use, leaving 10 available. There are still 88 ICU surge beds that have not been used.

San Mateo County is currently in the state’s purple tier. County officials said COVID-19 is largely being spread by indoor social gatherings and people not wearing masks. It urged residents to do their part in slowing the spread of the virus.

“There’s no reason why we can’t be enjoying restaurants, especially when they’ve invested in all these parklets, you know the restaurants, they’ve had construction workers here, they’ve hired electricians, put lighting in, heat lamps, propane tanks,” said Jane Underwood of Redwood City.

Underwood dined at Town on Sunday.

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“As long as everybody’s being safe and following the rules, masking, obviously I have my mask off right now because we’re eating dinner, but as long as everyone’s following the rules, I think it’s great to keep small businesses open,” said Sarah Jones of Redwood City.