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Hailey and Adam Tour The Natural Beauty of Taiwan

Tour the picturesque mountains of Yilan with Hailey and Adam. The couple shows off the lush greenery of the Yilan mountains on their hiking adventure. Located on the northeast side of Taiwan, Yilan includes everything from a variety of striking ocean views to Instagrammable trails and hot springs. As Jasmine says, “there’s plenty of day trips” you can go on to explore and “soak in the beauty of Taiwan.” Yilan is a great place to feed your desire for these awe-inspiring trip experiences. Make sure to wave the monkeys goodbye on your way down from your compelling mountain hike!

Yilan’s Additional Features

Aside from the natural beauty of Yilan, the surrounding area of the county offers several souvenir shops and food stops to check out along the way. If you’re looking for local dishes, unique to the county make sure to try the “Rice Noodle Thick Soup” and “Pork Thick Soup,” and to enhance your cultural experience, Jasmine suggests visiting the “Center for Traditional Arts.” With these options in mind, your escape to Yilan will be filled with unforgettable views, entertainment, and dishes!

More Things To Explore In Yilan