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Hailey and Adam’s Fairytale Moment in Shifen

Join Hailey and Adam as they decorate lanterns with New Year’s wishes and release them into the sky.

According to Jasmine, sky lanterns are the main attraction of the small town, Shifen. The streets on each side of the tracks are lined with stores where you can pick out your lantern to “decorate and write your dreams on,” she adds. The vendors are very friendly people who are more than willing to help you take numerous photos to capture your memorable lantern experience. Hailey and Adam had the opportunity to walk these streets, meet the friendly vendors, and select their very own lantern to write characters, blessings, and hopes for the upcoming year. Upon completion, they joyfully lit their lantern and carefully released it into the sky, exclaiming, “this is so much fun!”

Legend Behind Sky Lanterns
Decorating and releasing sky lanterns is a traditional experience you must take part in at least once in your lifetime. The legend states that during the Three Kingdoms period, Chinese statesman Zhuge Liang, known as Kongming, used lanterns to send military signals. The shape of the lanterns resembled his hat, so they were called “Kongming lanterns.” Towards the 19th century, the purpose of lanterns shifted. They were used by villagers to signal to their families, letting them know they were safe. Now, sky lanterns have evolved into a way to send off wishes, just as Hailey and Adam had the pleasure of doing. Trust us, you’ll want to experience this magical sky lantern moment in person, so you can watch your own hopes and dreams light up the sky.

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