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Hailey and Adam’s Night Out in Taipei

Join Hailey and Adam on a date to their very first Michelin star restaurant. Hailey “is very impressed” by the top-grade drinks and gourmet dishes, and she can’t help but show off her contagious smile. Adam, joyfully dancing with a drink in-hand, promises that he and Hailey “will be back here” in the future. This is a meal that Hailey and Adam will never forget.

Flavors of Taiwan
Taiwanese cuisine is known for its eclectic combination of local indigenous flavors with those of outside culinary influences. From the night markets to fine dining, the country is home to a delicious and diverse variety of culinary experiences, including 30 Michelin star restaurants.

Michelin Star Experience
Michelin star restaurants receive their quality rating based on a scaling system measuring 3 things, “a very good restaurant,” “excellent cooking that is worth a detour,” and “exceptional cuisine that is worth a special journey.” Longtail, located in Taipei,received its Michelin star rating for its exciting, dynamic menu that changes every 3 months to feature local, seasonal produce and high quality ingredients from various parts of the world. Escape to Taiwan for an unforgettable, Michelin star dining experience of your own.

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