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The Inside Scoop on Jasmine’s Night Market Favorites

Jasmine spills the “inside scoop” on why night markets are her favorite thing to do in Taiwan. She says that eating in Taiwan is top of the list because the food is “seriously just unmatched.”

From boba milk tea to oyster pancakes to stinky tofu, your mouth is bound to water at the sight, smell, and taste of these unique Taiwanese night market selections. Follow Jasmine’s advice and be sure to grab your peppered pork bun from Raohe Night Market in Taipei. She awarded those with a Michelin star chef’s kiss!

Great Variety, Great Deals

The food at Taiwanese night markets is not only irresistible, it’s also affordable. Each snack costs around $3 on average, so no need to fear if you’re traveling on a tight budget. There is also a wide variety of night markets to choose from in Taiwan, and each one carries their own unique traditions and characteristics. When tasting these night market snacks, you inherit a better sense of Taiwanese people and culture, adding a whole new dimension to your Taiwan experience. Lastly, make sure to arrive hungry to these night markets, you won’t regret it!

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