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Inga Shares Popular Taiwanese Snacks

Inga, Food and Culture Specialist, takes us through a variety of Taiwanese snacks that are bursting with tasty, unexpected flavors. Here are the snacks she highlights:

  • Pineapple Cakes
  • This is the most classic, signature Taiwanese snack choice. It is a sweet treat usually made up of butter, flour, sugar, egg, and pineapple jam. It has a crumbly, pastry exterior and soft pineapple jam on the inside.

  • Nougat Candy
  • Nougat candy is very chewy and contains almonds on the inside. It comes in different flavors and has a creamy, milky taste. It typically is made using marshmallows, milk powder, and nuts.

  • Waffle Cones
  • Waffle cones in general are very famous in Taiwanese culture. The waffle cone snack showcased by Inga is a thin wafer cookie, containing a buttery and sweet flavor. It’s traditionally made up of egg, wheat flour, and sugar.

  • Brown Sugar Jelly Bubble Milk Tea
  • A sweet and creamy drink made up of black tea and brown sugar flavors. It includes konjac jelly coated in caramelized syrup. Konjac jelly is a healthy alternative to the traditional tapioca boba pearls.

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