SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — Even amid a gloomy year like 2020, there were reasons for a smile and many San Francisco Bay Area residents shared their good news with KPIX 5.

KPIX 5 reporter Da Lin set up a table at San Francisco popular Ghirardelli Square and asked passersby to share their good news.

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For Ellie Raihi, it was the bundle of joy nestled in her arms.

“Our big good news is this little guy,” she said. “He was born in August. And he just brought so much joy and love into our home.”

For Shouan Riahi, it was the couple’s new home where they will to raise their baby.

“Around the same time (of the baby’s birth), we also moved to the East Bay and bought a home,” he said. “It’s exciting. Never thought it would happen, but it did. And I started my own practice, which is great too.”

San Jose’s Maya Soman earned her long sought after black belt.

“My good news is that this year, I’ve got my black belt at Vision Martial Arts after five years of hard work,” she said.

For San Franciscan Andy Boulware it was a promotion.

“I’ve got a job promotion,” he said. “My parents celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary.”

Castro Valley’s Ameya Solanki earned good grades.

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“I started college this year doing online classes and I managed to earn a 4.0 GPA,” Solanki said.

For little Mari Bravo, it was a new friend.

“I go to my new preschool and I made a friend named Miko,” the 3-year-old said with a smile.

Sai Patel was among the thousands in the Bay Area who survived a battle with COVID-19.

“I survived COVID-19,” Patel said. “I contracted it as well as me and my family. And we all went through it smoothly and safely.”

Liam Purcell and Sophie Wu got engaged.

“I proposed to him actually,” Sophie said with a chuckle. “We’re thinking May 6th, 2023. We didn’t want a Coronavirus wedding. So we’re trying to wait it out.”

For Isabel Torres, it was a goal within reach.

“My good news is I’m halfway through my masters program,” she said. ” And I’m actually here on a scholarship. And I’m able to have little sister come visit me.”

Subir Prakash and Sia Prakash were also celebrating a year of accomplishment in the classroom.

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“We both got an excellence award and student of the month at our school in San Jose,” Subir said.