OAKLAND (CBS SF) – Alameda County Sheriff’s deputies and Oakland police officers called on county health officials to take action in distributing the COVID-19 vaccine to law enforcement.

In a joint statement, the Oakland Police Officers’ Association and Deputy Sheriffs’ Association of Alameda County said health officials have yet to announce a plan to vaccinate their 1,500 members.

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“More than 90 Alameda County Deputy Sheriffs’ have tested positive for COVID-19, and one deputy has already died, but there is no plan to vaccinate these essential first responders,” said Kevin Lewis, president of the sheriff’s association.

OPOA president Barry Donelan said at least 62 officers in the department have tested positive.

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“The very nature of the job means we can’t work from home,” Donelan said. “We are on the streets responding to calls for help.  Unfortunately, when we arrive at calls, we are first responders that have not been vaccinated against COVID-19, so neither our citizens nor first responders are protected from infection.”

The unions said other counties in the state included law enforcement in their efforts to vaccinate first responders.

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The Alameda County of Public Health said on its webpage that they are in the midst of vaccinating health workers as part of Phase 1A in its rollout. First responders, including law enforcement are not set to receive the shots until Tier 1 of Phase 1B.