LAFAYETTE (KPIX 5) – Surveillance video has emerged in last week’s smash-and-grab burglary of an FBI agent’s gun and badge in the East Bay. Meanwhile, officials said a recovered protein bar could be key evidence in the case.

Witnesses say the FBI agent and his family were eating at American Kitchen in Lafayette Saturday afternoon, when two thieves drove into the La Fiesta parking lot, just feet away from the restaurant, and broke into the agent’s rental car.

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Federal authorities say Marvin Raul Guerra smashed the rear passenger window of the car and grabbed a black bag belonging to the agent, before entering a getaway car, which was determined to be a white Honda Accord.

Surveillance footage of a smash-and-grab burglary in Lafayette on February 20, 2021. Authorities said an FBI agent's gun and badge were stolen. (CBS)

Surveillance footage of a smash-and-grab burglary in Lafayette on February 20, 2021. Authorities said an FBI agent’s gun and badge were stolen. (CBS)

“And two gentlemen who were at the coffee shop across the street came running across, saying somebody smashed a window of a car and the car is behind you. The third car over, it was a white Kia,” said American Kitchen owner Victor Ivry.

Surveillance photos released show the thief snatching a black backpack.

“Very, very unlikely to happen here and very uncommon. I know that it’s happened maybe at night, but in broad daylight at noon on a Saturday that’s pretty brave,” said Ivry.

Cameras captured the license plate of the white Honda getaway car, speeding out of the parking lot, and eventually located in San Francisco.

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“If you’re in a rental car, that firearm should be on you at all times.  If you’re going to carry it in a backpack, that’s fine, but you better have it on your person, you better have it with you and not set anything down,” said KPIX 5 security analyst and former FBI agent Jeff Harp.

After a warrant and search, investigators didn’t find the agent’s loaded Glock 22, or badge worth more than $1,000 on the black market.

“Now somebody knows exactly how to reproduce that badge.  Luckily those badges use two-factor authentication when you come into the building,” said Harp.

The piece of evidence that could ultimately seal the deal is an RXBAR found in the suspect’s car.  It’s a protein bar which matched the agent’s description as the “Chocolate Sea Salt” variety that authorities say was in the black backpack.

Federal authorities say the getaway driver admitted the pair broke into other cars that weekend and threw the contents out of the car when they realized what was inside.

So far, those missing items haven’t been found.

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The suspects face a maximum of 10 years in prison if found guilty.