By Da Lin

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — Asian-American leaders say the recent unprovoked attacks that were caught on tape have forced people to act and speak up. They could no longer discredit them or ignore the ongoing violence.

“They were saying that ‘we don’t see it.’ So with these videos, people are finally seeing that it’s actually happening,” said Carl Chan, president of the Oakland Chinatown Chamber of Commerce. “The videos are doing justice.”

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Chan said whether it’s a hate crime or crime of opportunity, these attacks go back decades.

While the number of attacks has gone up, what’s new is they’re now caught on tape and social media allows more people to see them, which is prompting action.

“So when I saw the violence, I thought it was my duty to help out,” said Aaron Chow, a volunteer with Compassion in Oakland.

About 1,200 volunteers have joined her group which started about two months ago after the videos of the attacks begsn surfacing.

“I want to help out and see what I can do to improve the community and make it safer for everyone,” said Harry Mapodile, another volunteer for Compassion in Oakland.

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The volunteers provide chaperone service for seniors, walking them to get groceries or to a doctor’s appointment.
Since the Atlanta spa shootings, more people have offered to help.

“About 350 people signed up within the last couple of days. Also, there have been a few more chaperone requests than normal,” said Katrina Ramos, a co-founder of Compassion in Oakland.

And in recent weeks, help has come in different ways in Oakland Chinatown.

Khafre Jay with Hip Hop for Change was repainting a defaced mural in Chinatown. Someone had painted over the words “Black People, Black Power.” He said the cure to racism is solidarity and unity.

“You don’t fight hate with hate. You don’t fight hate with division. You fight hate with love. I here to love all my Asian brothers and sisters,” Jay said.

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