By Andrea Nakano

OAKLAND (KPIX) — In Oakland, a sense of calm reigns since the jury in Minneapolis delivered a guilty verdict against Derek Chauvin. But while there is hope that this case signals change, there is also skepticism, with many here wondering, ‘what happens next?’

“What can the defense do with the film,” says Leo Leonard.

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Many Oaklanders felt it was a slam dunk case against former officer Derek Chauvin, but some had doubts.

“I was completely shocked. I’m just so used to being disappointed by the justice system,” says Kathleen Muloma.

Oakland police increased staffing levels, to accommodate any gatherings Tuesday night but there was hardly anyone in sight at Oscar Grant Plaza.

This day though brought back a lot of painful memories for the Uncle of Oscar Grant. Grant was shot by a Bart officer at the Fruitvale station in 2009. Cepheus Johnson, widely known as Uncle Bobby says, “We all get this case like this was our personal case.”

Uncle Bobby clearly remembers the day the jury came down with the guilty verdict for involuntary manslaughter against officer Johannes Mehserle. He says his family didn’t receive justice then and George Floyd’s family didn’t truly get it on Tuesday.

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“As far as the family is concerned, no amount will bring him back, but at the same time, if he hasn’t been held accountable for the murder, it would’ve been more painful,” he explains.

The verdict was celebrated but many doubt this verdict will spark real change.

“The more that I think about it after the verdict has come out, I’ve just kind of realized that this might be an isolated incident, ” says Kayla Fleming.

“The verdict honestly, I’m glad for it but it doesn’t matter until the sentencing,” adds Chris C.

But for some, they see this as a sign of hope.

“One step to unify and help heal the nation. That’s what we need,” says Matt Baxter.

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Derek Chauvin’s sentencing will be held in about 2 months. He faces up to 40 years in prison on the second-degree murder charge alone.