OAKLAND (CBS SF) — The Oakland Athletics has severed ties with a catering service after players in the club’s minor league system posted photos of post-game meals of cheese sandwiches and half filled tortillas.

A group called Advocates for Minor Leaguers posted the photos saying “No employer would serve these meals to employees they care about. Why are the A’s serving them to their future Major Leaguers?”

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Many fans agreed.

Dutch Simmons posted — “The cheese sandwich is the same one we were served on special days like the 4th of July in prison. At least we were given a slice of watermelon to go with the coleslaw.”

Katie Speaks posted — “Damn, when I interned in rookie ball I picked up the team dinner most nights and it was a hell of a lot better than this. I’d grab leftovers if they had any since my $6.50/hour salary would have left me eating like the A’s.”

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Oh FFS posted — “Boot camp chow is better than that! How are the athletes supposed to persevere against so few calories and so little nutrition?”

But others were not so sympathetic.

Resign Teddy posted — “My employer doesn’t feed me at all after my work day. Why are we complaining about free food. Maybe next time spend the money on food for those who need it, rather than spoiled brats.”

Angel posted — “I work at an elementary school. It’s about the same type of food. Us teachers and students are not eating gourmet meals for lunch everyday.”

Oakland Athletics team president Dave Kaval also took to social media to say the team is addressing the issue and has fired the catering service.

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“This was totally unacceptable,” he posted on Twitter. “When we found out several weeks ago we terminated the third party vendor. We apologize to our players, staff, and coaches. We will redouble our efforts to provide the best options for our team at every level.”