ALAMEDA (CBS SF) — Police in Alameda arrested a suspect for kidnapping, battery and false imprisonment early Tuesday morning after a female victim was seen being assaulted in surveillance video.

According to social media posts by the Alameda Police Department, early Tuesday morning officers responded to a call about a female screaming and crying near Webster Street. Arriving officers were told their assistance was not needed, but before leaving the scene, police reviewed surveillance footage from a nearby camera to ensure a crime did not occur.

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In the footage, officers saw a single male physically assaulting and dragging a female through a parking lot into a nearby residence shortly before officers arrived. Based on the footage, officers believed the individuals were still inside of the residence.

Officers returned to the scene to ensure the woman’s safety. When answering the door, the woman initially told officers she was okay. However, based on the video footage and her statement being made in the presence of the male subject seen in the footage, officers wanted to separate the two to obtain their independent accounts of what happened.

While speaking with the male, officers observed ammunition on a nearby table and asked if there were any weapons present at the residence. The male subject assured the officers there were not, but when he was asked to stand, the male subject reached underneath a pillow, exposing a concealed firearm.

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Officers immediately instructed the male to stop his movement and pulled him away from the firearm. He was taken into custody without incident and faces charges of kidnapping, battery and false imprisonment.

Officers provided the female victim with several resources to ensure her safety and long-term care, including emergency shelter assistance and an anti-violence advocate. The Alameda Police Department release said officers will periodically follow up with the victim and offer additional support and resources if needed.

“Acts of violence are never okay and can impact a person’s physical and mental health,” the release said. “Victims should never be ashamed or feel guilty for being abused.”

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The release also encouraged anyone who is a victim of violence or knows a victim to reach out to the City and County of Alameda for resources including legal services, shelter and counseling services. For information on shelters or crisis counseling in Alameda is available at 866-292-9688. Alameda Family Services can provide counseling services to victims and offenders at 510- 629-6300. Anyone in immediate danger should contact 9-1-1 right away.