ANTIOCH (CBS SF) — Antioch’s mayor and police chief on Wednesday declared the city a “no sideshow zone” and outlined steps for prevention and enforcement following information about planned events.

Mayor Lamar Thorpe and Police Chief Tammany Brooks held a press conference Wednesday after police said the department had gathered information that a “rideout” was being planned in the city within the coming days.

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The rideout is like a flashmob of ATVs showing up and riding around on city streets. That is illegal in the city, and the mayor issued a warning Wednesday.

Aside from increased police presence and enforcement when the department learns of planned events, the city will be adding elevated pavement markers at certain intersections, as well as designating areas for allowed off-road activity.

“I recognize that these types of events are part of the Bay Area culture, particularly as an expression of resistance,” said Thorpe. “But I cannot ignore the fact that these kind of events can kill people, more importantly young people who in some instances believe that they are invincible.”

“The information obtained suggested this would be a gathering of off-road type vehicles, planning to take over and ride on city streets,” said Brooks.

Thorpe is demanding that organizers call off the rideout, which has been advertised underground and allegedly set for this Sunday.

“I’m not messing around with anybody,” said Thorpe. “This is not the place to conduct this type of activity. And I will not tolerate it, and neither will the chief and neither will the city.”

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If it happens, Antioch will be waiting with its police force, mutual aid from other departments, and drones to catch and punish lawbreakers.

“If you come to Antioch, your off-road vehicle will be impounded for 30 days, costing you or your parents $3,000,” Thorpe warned.

“It’s terrible,” said resident Dave Wilkins. “You can’t sleep. I mean, I’m talking 1, 2, 3 o’clock in the morning.”

Wilkins is talking about the sideshow street racing and doughnuts that routinely unfold in his neighborhood.

“They do it during the day, too,” said Wilkins. “Kids are playing, you know? You see kids walking around the street. Like, if my child dropped the ball on the street, you never know when it’s coming.”

“I warn every single organizer of this event to cancel this by Friday,” Thorpe said. “If not, you’re going to be met with the full force of the Antioch Police Department, with my support.”


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