SAN JOSE (CBS SF) – Agricultural officials will apply pesticides in parts of San Jose this week after two fruit flies from southeast Asia were recently discovered.

According to the county’s Consumer & Environmental Protection Agency, the two flies were discovered on June 22 and 23 about half a mile apart in the city’s east side.

“Fruit flies can be extremely destructive to our robust agriculture economy in Santa Clara County, as well as harmful to community and backyard gardens,” said Joe Deviney, the county’s Agricultural Commissioner.

On Tuesday, the California Department of Food and Agriculture will place a combination of a pheromone and an organic pesticide on telephone poles and trees within a 15 square mile area. The treatment will be applied in areas that are 8-10 feet off the ground and is not harmful to people or other animals.

Similar treatments were performed in Saratoga in 2019 and in Morgan Hill in 2015.

Known as the Oriental Fruit Fly, the insect is known to infest more than 230 different fruits and vegetables. California crops that are at risk from the flies include apples, pears, stone fruits, citrus, dates, avocados, tomatoes and peppers, along with many vegetables, officials said.

The flies usually arrive in the state in fruits and vegetables that were illegally brought in, or from packages of homegrown produce sent to California.

“Please do not bring, or ship, plants or fruits into the state without first checking with the Agriculture Department to make sure it is OK,” Deviney said.